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Our Work

"Building Latino Political Resilience, Power, & Representation in Virginia"​

Together we will play a critical role in history-making races that will elevate the voices of Latinos. Latinos represent 11% of the population across Virginia, yet we hold only a handful of elected and appointed offices.


“It is important for all of us to appreciate where we come from and how that history has really shaped us in ways that we might not understand..”


Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Image by Omar Lopez

Identify & Recruit

We are recruiting a diverse pipeline of future Latino leaders to advance our community

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Support & Run

You're qualified and we are here to work with you to succeed in getting the vote and getting elected 

Image by Kwabena Ansong

Serve & Represent

Put forth bold policies that elevate and address the needs of Latinos and the diversity of Virginia

Image by Derrick Brooks

Join the Juntos Campaign Board

The Juntos Campaign Board is a diverse group of community leaders who are actively engaged in helping to elect Latinos to public office. Learn more about how you can help shape representation in Virginia!

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